Sample imageQuinta das Raposeiras tennis courts exist since the beggining of the eighties, and are some of the first tennis courts build in the region of Faro.


Fernando Martins, owner of Quinta das Raposeiras, decides to establish in this residential area, a place where residents could do some sport. Tennis was the first option to offer people a heathy way of doing exercice, and develop and promote the club. Tennis as a international world wide sport was therefore a wise choise.


Tennis was growing in the Algarve in this time, and this decade (1980-1990) was crucial to the increase of players, clubs and first official tournaments.


Prof. Fernando Lage was in the time one of the first mentors on the expansion and teaching the game, in the region of Faro. He developed the club during this ten years in Raposeiras.


Fernando left later on and without him, the facilities started to crumble, no maintenance was done, and few people visited the club.

Paulo Mestre (tennis coach from Olhão) tried to reorganize the club (2005-2006), but he didn´t had to much sucess.

Later on December 2006, Ângelo Orge (tennis coach) decides to develop a project and accepts the challenge to transform Quinta das Raposeiras Tennis Center in a modern club to play tennis, which he does with reasonable sucess.